Narrative Practice for Communities and Organisations

Nicole Conner is has  had thirty years of experience in working in a variety of leadership, training, and management roles in Not-For-Profit organisations. She now use this experience in partnership with narrative practice to consult organisations and communities wishing to:

  • Remember the organisation’s narrative that aligns with its values and ethos. This ‘meaning making’ exercise helps individual staff and/or volunteers see themselves in relation to the whole, and their significance and contribution in telling and retelling the stories that matter.

  • Use narrative enquiry into strategic planning moments that narrate important stories for future direction.

  • Use narrative therapy for conflict resolution in enabling affected parties to externalise the problem(s) that has dominated their staff culture story, identify previously neglected but meaningful stories that shape their experience, and identify preferred ways of interacting in the workplace.

  • Identify the legacy of the organisation in collaboration with the people that work or volunteer there.

Below is a sample of organisational training hosted by Nicole. Most of these are either half or full day programmes. Please contact her to discuss the specific needs for your community:

  • Remembering the Stories that Matter - Building Brand and Future Vision through Legacy.

  • Narrative Practice for Teams - Intentionally creating a Culture in which People Thrive.

  • To Understand and be Understood - Conflict Resolution conversations and mediation.

  • History Matters - Providing communities/organisations with a timeline and written record of their story. Nicole combines her training in both narrative practice and history research to produce a written document that preserves precious community stories, and the memory of people who were integral in shaping the organisation.

If you would like to discuss whether narrative practice is right for your organisation or community, contact Nicole Conner on or use contact form below.

Remembering the Stories that Matter: Bayside Church

It has been such a pleasure and an adventure taking the principles of Narrative Practice and working with the staff and community of Bayside Church as they endeavour to 'Remember the Stories that Matter'. 

In November 2019, I interviewed the Senior Pastors and Founders of Bayside, Rob Buckingham and Christie Buckingham, to tell some of the stories that shape legacy, inform the present, and point to future hopes and dreams.

Rob and Christie Buckingham, Senior Ministers, Bayside Church

"Nicole helped us reconnect with the threads that have built our church community over the last 25+ years. She helped us to see how our values have shaped our story to date, but more importantly, has given us a confidence to say “this is who we are” going forward. We highly recommend her services."

This is Our Story: CityLife Church


CityLife Celebrates 50 years

To commemorate the 50 year anniversary of CityLife Church in 2016, Defining Stories  produced the historical content for a booklet, video, and website.  

View the CityLife Story.

"Telling stories that define moments in organisational history has the effect of charging the imagination with ideas, and either translates or reinvents those ideas into a sought-after future."

- David Epston -


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