About Nicole

Nicole Conner is a qualified Narrative Therapist working in Fitzroy North, Victoria. Nicole's work is built on the premise that the stories we hold to shape who we are, what we do, how we think and how we feel. In other words, our stories give meaning to our lived experience.

Nicole developed Life Atlas Therapy to help people chart their lives and develop a rich, multi-tiered life narrative full of possiblities. Understanding that the individual is the expert of their own story has led her to apply a client-centred approach. The client sets the direction for the conversation in a way that is meaningful for them.

Nicole was born in Germany and raised in South Africa. She brings thirty years of experience of working in not-for-profit organisations and spiritual care. Her work includes bringing a narrative approach into organisational settings and helping them identify the stories that speak into their communal sense of identity, values, and ethics. This is done in collaboration with management, staff, and volunteers. 

A highly experienced educator and trainer, Nicole has a special interest in walking alongside individuals seeking to de-construct and heal the effects of toxic religious ideas and experiences that have negatively influenced and affected their sense of self.

Nicole is committed to practice in an ethical and safe manner. She receives regular clinical supervision and attends regular training and workshops as part of her continued professional development. She is a member the Australian Counselling Association (Level 2) adhering to their Scope of Practice. She holds full public liability and professional indemnity insurance for all of the therapies and services offered.


* Religious Trauma Syndrome

* Trauma Recovery and Resilience

* Grief 

* End of Life Conversations

* Legacy and Memory Making Conversations

* Anxiety, Fear and Phobias

* Narrative Practice in Organisations:

        * Remembering the Stories that Matter: Building Brand and Future Vision through Legacy.

        * Narrative Practice for Teams - Building a Culture in which People Thrive.

        * Conflict Resolution - The Peace Pipe Rituals.

        * History Matters - Providing an Historical Narrative for Organisations.


* Master of Narrative Therapy and Community Work (University of Melbourne) 

* Member of Australian Counselling Association (Level 2)

* Better Stories for Organisations Facilitator

* Life Atlas Therapy

* Enhancing Trauma Resiliency (Certificate)

* End of Life Conversations (Certificate) 

* Master of History (New England University)

* Bachelor of Theology (Eastern College, Melbourne)


"In countering the effects of a problem-saturated story, it is important to develop as rich, detailed, and meaningful a counter-story as possible."

– Freedman and Combs - 


Defining Stories

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