Life Atlas Therapy

Life Atlas Therapy is an innovative practice that uses narrative therapy and your life timeline to work with your expertise and agency to articulate the effects of the problem-laden stories, place these stories in your history and larger sociocultural context, and develop your preferred stories.

Your life timeline is a useful tool in helping you re-engage with your history and bring forth multi-stories experiences of your life and identity: a re-engagement with your history on your terms and in your language.

I have used timelines as a tool to assist people in telling their stories and gaining clarity for many years. Life Atlas is a combination of this timeline work with narrative therapy that expands beyond just a linear diagram to working with the client in mapping their life stories with an atlas approach. At the centre of this approach is the client as the narrator and director of their life stories.

"As we become aware of ourselves as storytellers we realise we can use our stories to heal and make ourselves whole." 

- Susan Wittig Albert -


Defining Stories

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